Of what magnitude must be that space in which the Kosmos is moved? And of what nature? Must not that Space be far greater, that it may be able to contain the continuous motion of the Kosmos, and that the thing moved may not be cramped for want of roomand cease to move?– Ascl. Great […]



Time Loop.

‘Zostrianos, hear about these things! Now the preexistent principles are three in number, although they have appeared from a single principle.‘ Set of significant sync numbers received from scryer: 111, 555, 333. 111=3 555=6 333=9 Cannot progress further as 12 reduces to 3 which sets you back to the beginning of the loop.

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The perfect cybernetic system – the homeostatic loop governed by negative feedback – can properly be conceived of as ‘headless’. The introduction of the concept of zero into Europe by dark sorcerors in the 13th century precipitated the irruption of a modernity characterised by cascading positive feedback loops, a loop that the system now seeks […]


Ancient Apocalypse

I have just finished listening to Randall Carlson’s and Graham Hancock’s latest appearance on JRE (if you haven’t listened to them all multiple times by now what have you been doing with your life?) DMT entity discussion at 42 minutes. Watch out for the absolute bombshell remark at around 1 hour 17 minutes. I have […]

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I wonder why the author of this book with Aeon/Arimanius on the cover, and countless others on Enochian Magic Is now working for Quantum International Inc writing technical docs for the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate (SLAD) which is based at White Sands? (TRINITY) It’s probably nothing.

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Much like the Internet was the technological substrate that big data and surveillance capitalism were built on the blockchain will be the technological substrate for the digital panopticon. The Akashic record of the digital age.

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The process Capital > Internet > Blockchain, born of cascading positive-oriented feedback loops, resembles an occult refinement almost entirely coincident with the Great Work of the medieval Alchemists. The seal of both is the Ouroboros.

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Luminal Economy.

‘In the near future electrons and light flow throughout the Universe’ If modernity, as theorised, is the territory of which the feedback loop is the map, then hypermodernity is the map that has become the territory. The Hyper Real deterritorialises what the Hyper Modern reterritorialises. It is the replacement of the territory with the map. […]

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