GEO-COSMOS: The Ontology of Hypermodernity.

LOCATION: 35°37’8.40″ N 139°46’37.20″ E The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (日本科学未来館,Nippon Kagaku Mirai-kan), simply known as the Miraikan (未来館, literally “Future Museum”) Koto City, Tokyo-to, Japan. SPECS: Luminescence device: Organic LED (10,362 square panels [96 mm]). Size: Diameter 6 meters (Approx. 1/2 millionth the size of the Earth). Number of pixels: 10 […]

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Tempus. LXXXIV.

The notion that temporal wave frequency contracts as social complexities increase and accrue within and between the productive and relational forces. If modernity is characterised by positive feedback loops then acceleration is the recogntion that the frequency at which these loops sends waves through the social space is rapidly increasing to the point at which […]

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Parallax. LXXXIII.

Petro-dollar recycling, fractional reserve banking and fiat currency form a cybernetic dialectical triad that allow for the absolute abstraction of the Capital process and a subsequent decoupling of the productive process from reality into a immaterial mode of production. Capitalism accelerates to the speed of light.

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They appeared overnight in the town square. Workers must have stolen in under cover of darkness. A global shipping company is celebrating the town’s maritime history by erecting hoarding displaying images depicting the development of the town’s dockland area over the past 170 years. The dock area here can, without exaggeration, be properly described as […]

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Cyborgs & Acceleration.

PART I: 0.00:00 – 1.12:55 Machine. Capital. Modernity. Intelligence. Cybernetics. Automated means of production. All terms for the same thing. Leviathan or The Basilisk. TEHRAN 2028 High tech. Technocapital surveils all before it, a holographically projected simulated battlefield on which it strategises before putting its pieces into play. The biological isn’t safe without fusing with […]

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Cenobites, Capital & Desire.

In 1784 Philip Lemarchand, a French toy maker, completes his work on the Lament Configuration – a musical puzzle box of dizzying complexity. That same year Kant published his essay ‘What is Enlightenment?’ – five years later Paris was in flames and France in open revolt. It is no coincidence then that in Clive Barker’s […]

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